Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adventures in dog sitting and my meal plan for the week

Last week my friend was in a bind.  She was going out of town and her original dog sitter fell though four hours before she was supposed to leave.  So I offered to take the dogs for the weekend because I am a bit crazy.

Reasons why I don't need any dogs right now:

- dh is allergic to them
- ds1 is most likely allergic to them too
- I haven't lived with a dog in over 15 years
- If we got a dog, the newness would wear off quickly for the kids and I would be stuck doing everything for said dog

My friend has two dogs.  One is a larger dog who is so calm and quiet, the perfect house dog.  Then there is the small, hyper dog that barks at everything that breathes and is wild for you to show him attention.  The kids were thrilled that I offered to have them over for the weekend.  Dh was tickled to have them over as well because he really wants a dog but didn't know how his allergies would take it.  We both grew up having dogs and he really misses that.

One of the good things that happened was that the kids were so excited to have dogs around that they happily did all of the dog chores for me without complaint.  Plus I will admit it was very nice to have the dogs as companions around for the weekend.  The smaller dog was great entertainment as he ran around endlessly trying to get someone to play with him.  We gated him in the kitchen at night and when we were leaving and on Saturday he showed us that he could jump over the gate.  The dog has springs in his feet, he could jump so high.  He jumped over the gate every chance he could, so we had to double gate the kitchen to keep him in it.  He was also dead set on trying to escape every time the door opened.

All in all it was a very good weekend.  After it was all said and done dh's allergies were pretty bad so I still don't think a dog of our own is in the future.  Plus I was quite tired after taking care of them for four days and I don't miss having to take care of them constantly.

But it was very quiet yesterday in the house after we came back from dropping them off.  Almost too quiet.

On a different topic, I missed doing my meal plan for last week.

Monday - Skyline chili on potatoes with fresh green beans

Tuesday - Spaghetti with more green beans

Wednesday - Italian chicken and potatoes in the crockpot

Thursday - rotisserie chicken from Costco

Friday, Saturday and Sunday - up in the air right now.  


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