Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fun Freebies and a Big Boy

Before I start to blog, can I vent for a second?  Insight, the providers of our internet/cable/phone service, are MAKING ME CRAZY.  We just have trouble with one item or another on a fairly regular basis.  Thought we had it all fixed, then we realized we were losing our internet again.  Got that back (kind of), now the phone can't be used.  Le sigh.  We were sent three vouchers for free pay-per-view movies for our troubles, so I guess an adult movie marathon is supposed to make up for it.  :-D  I'm not sure where the breakdown is, everyone we speak to seems to be very earnest in their desire to get things fixed, but we have yet to get a long-term solution.  Anyhoo, that's been part of the reason for the lack of blogging, along with just being very busy these last couple of weeks.  But I'm back!

First, I have to brag on my big boy.  I haven't really discussed it, but the little dude has a speech delay.  He's just hit the 2 1/2 year mark, and since there hasn't been any great leaps in development, I went ahead and scheduled an evaluation for him.  Of course, now that I've done that, he's suddenly trotting out short sentences and names and a new understanding of communication.  We're still getting him evaluated, but I don't have the same worries I did before.  He's also transitioning to a real cup, instead of a sippy with a straw.  I really have to let go of my issues with him getting messy, lol.  He's been climbing like crazy, and managed to do playground equipment all by himself.  I even had to buy him fall clothes in a 3T!  I know it doesn't seem like much, but he just suddenly seems so much older to me.  The Big Dude and I were getting misty-eyed last night looking at his oddly large clothes, wondering where our baby went.  I'm even starting to entertain the notion of (whimpers) preschool.  Nothing at all wrong with preschool, of course--I taught 3's and pre-K kids for a decade--but I never thought he'd be getting old enough for it!  How did all my mom friends handle the realization that their baby isn't such a baby anymore?

As far as the fun freebies go, I have a lot to tell you about!  I've been using two sites, House Party and Vocalpoint.  House Party allows you to register to host a sponsored party for your family and friends.  I registered today for two different parties, one featuring pizza made with Johnsonville sausage, and the other one with board games!  If you're selected, you'll be sent a package with everything you need.  For example, the game party will get you two free board games, coupons for discounts on the games for your guests, recipes, napkins, drink stirrers, etc.  I've been to a few, and they were really fun!  A Fresh Wave party got me a goody bag with 6 different air fresheners, and a Breakstone party had coupons for discounts on Breakstone products, a cutting board, and some yummy food.  Best part is, it's all free!

Vocalpoint is different, no parties are required.  You'll receive different merchandise (or a coupon for the item free), and you'll be asked to fill out a survey or blog about your experience with them.  So far, I've gotten free salad, and I'm being sent the new Swiffer duster next.  As soon as I get to the store to get my salad, I probably will briefly blog about it, just because I want to keep the freebies coming.  Also, keep an eye on Suave's Facebook page, they've been talking about running the free product giveaway again!

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  1. I love how 3T clothes seem so huge :D I have to buy Gavin's shoes in the man aisle now.....3T seems so far away lol. No matter how big they get it seems like they are still your baby!

    Vocalpoint and House Party are awesome! I can't say that enough :D We've had freebies and parties for over a year now and it's the best thing ever!