Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why did we wake up at 6am on a Saturday?

Bannon and I are insane-we decided we just had to go to the Cheryl and Co's annual bake sale. It started at 7am, but to get a decent spot in line...yeah. 6am.

So we're clutching empty Tim Horton's cups and price lists for bulk boxes of cookies and tubs of dough. There's also mascots dressed like a brownie and a frosted cookie running around. It's all a bit surreal.

There are stacks of boxes all over, most of them are taller than me. The sale is in a former Big Lots building, and there is a sea of cookie crazed women (and a few men) winding their way through a maze of yellow caution tape. It kind of feels more like some evacuation scene from a dramatic movie about the collapse of civilization. Some woman just announced where the clearance gift baskets are, and I'm pretty sure there's a stampede heading her way.

Edit #1: I rolled up my rim on my coffee cup; won another coffee. Also, at front of line at last! Woot!

Edit #2: Great success! We have made our purchases (including an unholy amount of Buckeyes) and are now free. Total time in and out? 1.5 hours. Amount I spent? $25. And now, to take it all home and try to not eat it at once!

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