Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boogie Wipes Review and Giveaway!

We recently had a chance to test run Boogie Wipes for our blog!  For those of you who haven't heard of them, Boogie Wipes are soft, moist wipes made with saline.  There's no alcohol or parabens in their wipes.  They also make an adult version called Saline Soothers.  The Boogie Wipes can come unscented, or in grape, fresh, or mentholated scents.  I (Kerry) have been very grateful for these wipes, since all of the preschoolers I watch/own have had colds lately.  Lots of gross noses!

I was, to be honest, impressed at how quickly these wipes break up caked on mucus.  Little Dude generally fights me on wiping his nose, but he cooperates a bit more for these, as opposed to a tissue.  They have also cleaned up dried on ketchup, BBQ sauce, ice cream, mac and cheese, paint, and dirt.  My son is messy.  :-)  I also tried them on myself, and I was pleased to see that they really are as gentle as they are advertised to be.

I've found these on sale at Kroger and Target, in the baby section.  There are 45 count packs (kind of like travel packs of baby wipes), as well as packs of individually wrapped wipes.  I love the single wipes for my purse!  Costco also sells a 90 count tub of the wipes (they should also be available at retailers like Target, Babies R Us, etc.), which I should probably break down and get on my next trip.  

You can check out Boogie Wipes at their website, their Facebook page, or their Twitter account.  

And, because we love ya so much, we've arranged for one winner to receive a prize of two packs of Boogie Wipes, in assorted scents!  In order to win, please answer for us the following question-what is your (or your child's) favorite way to comfort yourself when you have a cold?  Mine is lounging in bed with hot tea and a magazine.  We're also offering a bonus entry if you mention in your post that you have liked Boogie Wipes on Facebook or Twitter.  And yes, we'll check.  Entries will be accepted until Friday night at midnight EST, and will be announced Saturday.  The winner will need to provide us with their address so the prize pack can be shipped directly to them.

So, to recap, leave a comment here on the blog with your favorite way to feel better when you have a cold, and if you've liked Boogie Wipes on FB or Twitter.  You may find yourself to be our latest winner! Also, if you are new to the blog, please leave your first name and an email address that we can reach you at if you are the winner.  We've had people miss out on prizes because we couldn't contact them!

And as always, we were not compensated by Boogie Wipes to review their product.  We did receive free samples to test, and our opinions are our own.

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  1. I do love my boogie wipes Kerry! Piper when she is sick likes to cuddle on the couch and demand to watch "bubble" and curl up with mommy. Mommy on the other hand likes to stand in a boiling hot shower when she is sick to try to boil it out of me!

    We use our boogie wipes to clean up everything, faces, boogers (mommy and daddys too), tables, hands and Dave swears they take ink off of fabric (but I don't believe it!).