Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Vacation

The kids are on summer vacation from school.  There have been some really good moments with them, like when the older one passed level three in his swimming lessons.  He did this yesterday and I can't describe just how happy he was with himself.  I was thrilled too because this was the fifth time he had taken level three over the past year.  But there has been something different between him and the swimming pool so far this summer.  All of the sudden he has the drive to not just swim but to excel at it.  It makes me happy to see him be so driven about an activity.

On the flip side are some of the bad moments.  It seems like I have fought with both kids more to get them to listen.  They are intent on bothering each other until screaming happens.  I feel as if I am always disciplining someone.  It's gotten so bad that the younger one asked to go live with one of my friends because she is a nice mom unlike me.  How many days until school is back in session?


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