Sunday, January 22, 2012

My soup . . a day late as well

and surprisingly similar to Kerry's.

Today in the Bannon house we are tying up lots of little loose ends. Yesterday we had our cub scout Pinewood Derby in which we raced the cars the kids spent the past month making.  I spent the day either selling concessions or cheering on the kids as they raced.  It was very long so today we are having a quiet day at home.

One of the things I needed to finish was to post the soup for the 52 weeks of cooking I made on Wednesday in the crockpot.  Now when I make a soup it's usually potato or french onion, two of my favorites.  Last week I happened to buy a bag of white beans on a whim and I found ham on clearance at Kroger so that was the soup to be made.  I had never made bean soup before because (gasp!) I hate beans.  I am a frugal mom's nightmare!  Beans are always a staple on the frugal mom's meal plan.  But I avoid them like the plague.  So since I am being a good sport with the 52 weeks challenge I thought I'd buy the beans because everyone else in the house loves them.

But back to the soup.  I really did not use a recipe for it.

First I soaked the beans overnight in a pot full of water.  The next morning I then rinsed the beans well with a strainer.

Then I popped the beans into the crock pot and filled it up with more water.  I then put in a few cubes of frozen garlic, and cut some potatoes and ham up to place into it as well.

I let it cook all day on low in the crock pot and then seasoned with salt and pepper to taste.  The men of the house loved it!  I have already been asked to make it again.

- Bannon

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