Saturday, January 28, 2012

52 Weeks - Pan Frying

Kerry here!  Just a quick post about my food challenge.  This week was pan frying, so I kept it simple and fried salmon.  It was seared over medium-high heat, using olive oil.  I placed the salmon skin-side down, then seasoned it with salt and pepper, and squeezed some lemon juice over it all.  I let the skin side go for maybe 3 to 4 minutes, then about the same amount on the other side.  I served it up with a quick dill sauce (sour cream, added lemon zest, green onion, dried dill, and a pinch of salt).  It was all done to taste, so I can't give exact measurements.  One side was cilantro-lime rice.  There was a bit of disagreement going on as to whether or not the rice had too much lime.  If you want to be cautious, I'd skip the step where you add lime to the cooking process.  The other side was just simple steamed green beans with a bit of butter.

Tomorrow will be that long-promised post on DIY Oxy-Clean, and Monday or Tuesday will be a post on a quick and cheap way to change up your throw pillows!

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