Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Short but sweet...

...we suck at writing!  Well, we do lately.  Between Bannon and myself, we have had family illness/personal illness (ouch, staph infection!)/helping a parent move/working like a boss/taking kids to therapyschoolcubscouts/crazy holiday activities/I'm sure I forgot something else.  So, yes, we've totally dropped the ball on our Christmas organizing and pantry challenge posts.  But we're going out tomorrow to Costco and then for margaritas, so at least we've got our priorities in order.  I hope you all have your shopping done, and that you're getting things wrapped!  I'm focusing on getting things really, really clean for the holidays.  Have you heard the radio commercial where you're told that Santa judges you based on how clean your baseboards are?  I totally believe it.

Also, somewhere in all the holiday rush, please take some time to enjoy the season with your family, however you choose to celebrate it.  And please consider taking the time/money to help make someone else's season a little happier.  Times are tight for everyone, but a little giving can go a long way.  Drop some money in a collection bucket, donate a toy or some food, send something to a soldier who can't be home for Christmas (hi, Rob!  Your box goes out this weekend!), bake cookies for a neighbor...there are so many ways to share.  No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, showing kindness to others is a universal good.

Also, this is the picture the Big Dude and I are putting on our Christmas cards this year.  It's pretty damn cute, even if it is my own kid.  :-)

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